Vladislav Radak, The Book promotion, May 2015

Vladislav Radak, The Book promotion, May 2015

Night of Dead Dreams to hit stores in September 2015

English version of Vladislav’s second novel, Night of Dead Dreams in translation of Sonja Nikcevic will make return in eBook version in Amazon Kindle Store, as well as store on official author’s website in middle of September 2015.

The Book, new novel published in Serbian

“It is about the drama with the elements of action, science-fiction with some horror, love story or the story about maturing, but nothing of those would not exactly be true. We can say that in front of you is a story about the postapocalyptic Seoul, inseparability between a man and the machines. The story about maturing on the beautiful landscape of the French Provence.

We can say that this novel keeps the secret of a civilization best, or discusses the love of brotherhood, the family values, it is The Book about a hero or heroes, the fears, the genetic engineering, the curse of the family heritage, diving, a story about the love between teenagers, a saga about the Alcubierre drive, secret lilies and about producing the best red wine on the world…”

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  1. Achim
    Achim / 12-3-2016 / ·

    Cool Dude.
    I didn`t now youre writing books.
    Get one next Days.

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